a three-year
Marie Skłodowska-Curie RISE Action Programme
(since 1 Sept 2021)
grant agreement ID: 101007915

ABOUT NEST is an intercontinental and intersectoral project that links academic research with social and artistic practices to carry out theoretical inquiry on the relationship between digital technologies, living systems and the production of knowledge within territorialized laboratories forming networks of localities. The project is based on contributory research: a method combining… read more »

AIMS The project rehearses the potential of territorialized knowledge based on a hypothesis that digital diversification conditions the resilience of human societies and holds the key for redesigning the self-destructive model of economic development. Digital diversification – understood as noodiversity… read more »

ACTIONS The project rests on three Work Packages, each responsible for a set of situated research and practical actions. Work package 1: Critique of Computer Theory and Design of a New Ecology of the Digital extends the critique of digital technology already undertaken by the digital studies network. It aims… read more »

ACTORS EU academic partners: – Technological University Dublin (Ireland) (consortium leader) – Institut de recherche et d’innovation IRI (France) – Université Paris Lumières (France) – University of Silesia (Poland) Third Country academic partners: – Universidad de las Artes (Ecuador) – University of California Berkeley (US) Non-academic partners, – Dublin City Council (Ireland) – Disnovation (France) – Conseil Départemental Seine-Saint Denis (France) – Fabryka Pełna Życia The Living Factory – The Galápagos Islands Government Council (Ecuador)… read more »


Anthropy Contributory research Cosmotechnics Entropy Ecologically Smart Territories Negentropy Niche Noetic Knowledge Locality Neganthropy Noodiversity Noosphere Proletarianization Technodiversity Technosphere Territory Therapeutics read more »


Consortium leader:

Technological University Dublin (Ireland)
The Graduate School of Creative Arts and Media (GradCAM)
Noel Fitzpatrick, noel.fitzpatrick@TUDublin.ie,
Ester Toribio Roura, Ester.ToribioRoura@TUDublin.ie
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